Grid Flower Light Catcher

$ 60.00

Brighten up any room with this magical flower light catcher! Crafted from ceramic, this flower shaped beauty brings a bit of sunshine indoors with its colorful sparkles and playful reflections. It's like a sun catcher and disco ball in one! 

When placed in direct sunlight, the prism captures the sun’s magical rays and reflects them like a playful rainbow in your home.

  •  White earthenware, glaze
  • Ceramic piece approx. 4.25" at widest point, 4" at tallest point
  • Entire piece hangs down approx. 21"
  • Hangs from a gold d-ring on clear cord

Ways to hang your light catcher:

  • Screw a hook into your ceiling in front of a window and hang the light catcher on the hook
  • Put an s-hook on your curtain rod to hang the light catcher right in the window