Grid Flower Light Catcher

$ 60.00

This magical light catcher is the perfect addition to your room. In direct sunlight, the prism catches the light and reflects it, making rainbows on your walls. It is hand cut and formed from white earthenware and hand glazed.

  •  White earthenware, glaze
  • Ceramic piece approx. 4.25" at widest point, 4" at tallest point
  • Entire piece hangs down approx. 21"
  • Hangs from a gold d-ring on clear cord

Ways to hang your light catcher:

  • Screw a hook into your ceiling in front of a window and hang the light catcher on the hook
  • Put an s-hook on your curtain rod to hang the light catcher right in the window

This piece is part of the Flower Collection, a group of flower inspired jewelry and home goods that are made to bring the spirit of spring into your life!