Hi, I'm Hana, the owner and maker behind Quiet Clementine. I'm a mostly self taught ceramic artist, creating colorful jewelry and decor out of a spare bedroom in my Arkansas home. I'm a one-woman show, making each piece with my own two hands, from start to finish. Each piece I create is a reflection of my love for vibrant color palettes and playful patterns, which I combine to form fun and functional ceramics for color enthusiasts.

The name Quiet Clementine is playful and fun, but also describes what I make. Quiet refers to the small nature of my pieces and Clementine refers to the vibrancy that I strive for through color and pattern. It is a perfect representation of my work and the feeling I wish to evoke in the lives and homes of the people who purchase my pieces.

I started Quiet Clementine in 2015 after encouragement from my dad (who is a potter) to try selling ceramics in my then polymer clay focused shop. I didn't feel I had the skill or space to dedicate to ceramics, but once I started, I was hooked. Today, Quiet Clementine is a line of hand-built ceramic jewelry and home decor that is inspired by vibrant color palettes and playful patterns. Each piece is handcrafted to bring fun and happiness to everyday life.

I create ceramics full of color and pattern because those are the things that make me giddy with excitement and that I want to be surrounded by in my own life. When I see a beautiful color combination or playful pattern, my eyes light up, and even more so when I see those things on a functional or decorative piece of art.

Quiet Clementine ceramics are made with those goals in mind; I want them to excite you and make your eyes light up. I want you to interact with and enjoy them every day. Above all, my goal is to make fun things that are happy and vibrant and I hope they make your life just a little bit more colorful.