Footed Rainbow Trinket Stand / Rainbow Collection

$ 50.00

Use this playful rainbow trinket stand to organize your favorite jewels on your nightstand, corral bobby pins in the bathroom, to display an air plant, or any special little tchotchke. It was hand formed from white earthenware, hand glazed in pink, orange, and light blue, and features real 22k gold feet.

  • White earthenware, glaze, 22k gold
  • Approx. 4.5" wide x 3.25"; 0.75" high

🌈 This piece is part of the rainbow collection, a tangible symbol of hope and reminder that good things can come out of hard times. I made these pieces to bring joy and happiness to you and your homes. I hope you're reminded of these things every time you pass by a rainbow vase on your shelf or wear a pair of rainbow earrings.