Matte Rainbow Charm Hoop Earrings / Rainbow Collection

$ 54.00

These rainbow charm hoop earrings will add a playful touch to any outfit and make your lobes feel fancy. They are hand cut from white earthenware, hand glazed in matte coral, orange, and yellow with 22k gold accent, and hang on 25mm, 14k gold filled hoops.

  • White earthenware, matte glaze, 22k gold luster
  • Ceramic pieces approx. 0.75" wide
  • 25mm, 14k gold filled hoops 

🌈 This piece is part of the rainbow collection, a tangible symbol of hope and reminder that good things can come out of hard times. I made these pieces to bring joy and happiness to you and your homes. I hope you're reminded of these things every time you pass by a rainbow vase on your shelf or wear a pair of rainbow earrings.