Abstract Shapes Mini Planter - Pencil Holder Cup - Tumbler / Refresh Collection

$ 48.00

This fun mini planter is hand built from a slab, hand glazed in colorful abstract shapes, and features real 22k gold accents. It is versatile and can have several uses. Plant a small succulent/cactus in it, display an air plant/short bunch of flowers, organize pencils/paintbrushes, or even use it for your beverage of choice!

  • Tan Stoneware, glaze, 22k gold luster
  • Approx. 3" x 3" inches
  • Hand wash only, do NOT microwave due to real gold accent

NOTE: This planter does not have a drainage hole. Add a layer of pebbles to the bottom before planting for proper drainage.

This piece is part of the Refresh collection, a representation of new ideas and experiments. New shapes, textures, techniques, materials...these elements were all a part of my creative play that resulted in a new body of work and a fresh direction for my business. This is the beginning of Quiet Clementine 2.0!